Taiwan is not only a commercial hub in Asia but also a location of various cross-cultural events, such as exhibitions, seminars, business, and academic conferences. Behind the scenes (or, for consecutive interpretation, on the stage) are language professionals who serve as the bridge connecting people from different cultural backgrounds. It’s not so hard to find translators and interpreters in Taiwan, while there’s a huge disparity in the quality of the service you may receive. Quality language service is crucial to effective and efficient communication, which will in turn determine the outcome of your events, even the success of your business. Here are some tips to find reliable translators and interpreters.


Network of Language Professionals

There are some Facebook groups or other online communities, such as Upwork, joined by many freelance translators and interpreters, project managers, editors, event organizers, and so on. It is helpful to join these groups to find the language professionals you want to work with. You can also post your requirements and offers to find the best partners.



It’s always a good way to find reliable translators or interpreters through referrals. You can obtain a list of candidates from your business partners, colleagues, and friends. They may have experience working with translators or interpreters whose performance are quite satisfactory.


Alpha Bridge Consultancy is at your service.

Alpha Bridge Consultancy [超連結:首頁] is a Taiwan-based translation service firm. We come up with comprehensive solutions in document translations, consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, bilingual event host, and corporate language training. Please check our website and see what service we can offer to bridge the gap of languages for you!